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The “I’m in China” project marks a change in bringing China to the world. Placing China and all its richness of culture, peoples, history, heritage, and beyond directly into the lives and hearts of experiencers. “I’m in China” does away completely with traditional third person perspectives by fully engaging our explorers, editors, and contributors in life in China.

Adventurers of all backgrounds and nationalities are invited to participate in a spectrum of projects including TV, documentaries, live events, and experiences - discovering China, up close and personal.

To date, the ‘“I’m in China”’ China Bound project has attracted influencers and celebrities to take part in several projects including My Chinese Working Day, Exploring the Beauty of China events, and I’m In Hainan event series, all of which have been received with acclaim and are now long-term established projects, indicative of our humble beginnings and bright future aspirations.

This coming year we will partnering with major media partners, fusing our resources, and with the full backing of China’s state council, creating innovative platforms, modes and concepts - extending the scope, caliber, and engagement of international media further than ever before. We hope that you will join us in envisioning China’s resources expressed without borders.

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