What Happens When You Overstay Your Visa

Release time:2018-04-20

The first rule when travelling abroad is to keep your passport safe. The second, is to make sure you’re absolutely certain of your visa. In other words. Don’t ever overstay your visa.

Cutting it SUPER close!

If you’re cutting it SUPER close for your departure time (and we mean down to the last few minutes), keep in mind that in China the entry time is counted from 00:00 (midnight) of the morning follow the entry date. For example - if you enter China on April 2nd at 9:45pm your stay period will start being counted starting from 00:00 of April 3rd.

It might also be good to remind yourself that if (for example) you’re on a 30-day visa, some months have 29 days and some have 31. Don’t automatically assume that your visa will be valid until the same date next month.

If you know you’ll need to stay past your visa date, be sure to think ahead and plan your extension accordingly. You’ll need a minimum of seven days for your application to be approved.

Flight Delays

If your scheduled ticket is after your visa’s expiration date, you’ll be considered to have overstayed even if you go through immigration before the visa expiration time. However, if you purchased a ticket to depart before your visa expires but is unable to due to unforeseen circumstances (such as weather or maintenance flight delays) then it won’t count.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Visa?

1. For anyone who overstays their visa or residence permit for a short period they’ll most likely be given a warning and be required to pay a fine. Usually, the penalty is RMB500 per day not to exceed RMB10,000 (so not exceeding 20 days).

2. If one overstays the visa for a significant period (such as over one month) then you might be put into a detention for 5 to 15 days and deported to his home country. It's possible you will be blacklisted, which will affect any future re-entry to China. You might also be banned from entering China for 10 years and have difficulties applying for visas to other countries in the future as well.

What If You’ve Overstayed Your Visa?

Don’t ignore the problem. As soon as you realize that you’ve overstayed your visa go to your local police station and report yourself immediately. You’ll need to pay the fine and apply for an exit permit to leave the country immediately.