Renewal And Extension Of Visa In China

Release time:2018-04-20

Renewal of Visa in China is possible but changing your type of visa from one to another is not a simple process. Let’s just say it’s complicated. You can renew your visa if you are having a work visa, student visa or any long-term visa.

Renewal of Visa

New policies had been introduced in March 2017 for the Foreigners Work Permit (FWP). So currently if you are legally working in China and need to renew your visa, please notify your HR well in advance. It takes about 15 working days to renew the work permit, plus seven working days for the residence permit renewal. It's total 22 working days and if your employer did not register in the new system that will take extra five working days. We suggest that you speak to HR at least 45-60 days earlier of your Visa expiry.

For any other visa, it is advised to apply at least 30 days before the expiry of your visa.

Extension of Visa

If you are visiting China for short term and want to stay more in China, you need to visit the Public Security Bureau or PSB for an extension. There is PSB in every major city.Ask a Chinese friend to accompany if you do not speak Mandarin. You need to explain the reason behind your extension, and if the PSB officer finds it legit, he or she can grant you an extension. It depends on the officer. Also, keep in mind that the there will not be any gap between two visas. When you are granted an extension, your previous one is canceled automatically (even if you have few more days in that visa) and a new one begins. So visit PSB for an extension only when it is less than a week for your visa to expire or else you will lose few days in between.

What do you have to submit to extend your visa?

1)    Photocopies of your passport’s first and last page

2)    Photocopies of your current visa, and your latest entry stamp

3)    Proof of financial support with RMB 21,000 for a 30 days extension (USD 100 per day) - a stamped balance inquiry from Bank of China will do the trick;

4)    Your temporary residence form. If you have been in a hotel, they can help you with that or else carry the residence form given to you by the local police station when you had registered yourself within first 24 hours of entry.

Overstay your visa.

Overstay is punishable by law and should be avoided under any circumstances. To know in details read our article Overstay in China.