Police Registration in China

Release time:2018-04-20

Once you cross the immigration desk at the airport you might think you have completed every obligation before entering China. But that’s not all. If you are in China then you also have to register yourself at the nearest police station within 24 hours of your entry. Failing to do so might put you in trouble.

I have my hotels booked, so what should I do to register myself?

In China every hotel does the registration when their guests check in. The hotels are internally linked to the police stations, so once they check you in and ask for your passport and visa details they are registering you with the police station as well.

My work place has provided me a serviced apartment, what should I do?

Ask your company HR about it, they will be able to guide you in this case. Probably the will be having a similar procedure in place like the hotels. Or else visit the nearest police station with your residing address, employee contract and passport. It would be advisable to get someone from your work place along with you.

I am staying in a home stay/ airbnb place. What should I do?

If you are planning to stay in Airbnb or have booked an Airbnb apartment then you should ask your host to help you with police registration. If your host says that it is not required then that’s not true, and is better to find another place of stay for yourself. You can read about it in out “Staying in Airbnb” article in detail.

I have been travelling and was unable to register myself within 24 hours. Is that a problem?

It is said that you have to register yourself within first 24hrs on entering the China, however if you have been travelling and did not reside at any location within the first 24hrs then you do not have to worry. It is that you have to register yourself once you are residing at any place.

What happens if I forgot to register myself within first 24 hrs?

The people might ask for a fine if you are really late or will register you after a warning.

Does a foreign national need to re-register each time she returns from a trip?

Technically yes, but it depends from one city to another.

Does one have to register every time, there is a change in residence or visa extension?

Yes, one has to re-register if you are changing your place of stay or have renewed your passport or visa.

Do we get any evidence of registration once we do so?

Yes, you will be issued a temporary residence certificate. You need to keep it safe. But please note this is not your visa. Visa gets stamped on your passport and registration is a way for the local authority to know where you are staying in China.

I am working here and my parents are visiting me for few weeks, do they have to register?

Yes, you need to register them as well to the local police station. You will have to submit the copy of their passports’ first page, last page and visa page. Do carry your own passport, your parents’ passports as well as your own temporary residence form.