Health Checkup For A Visa in China

Release time:2018-04-23

When do you need to submit a healthcare certificate for China Visa?

For expats who are going to live in China for more than 180 days must provide a healthcare certificate. So if you have landed a job in China and your family is going to accompany, then all of you must undergo the health check-up. Else if you are a student and have enrolled yourself for a course in any university which will let you stay for more than 180 days in China, you ought to take the tests as well.

Where can I undergo the test?

It is a requirement of the Chinese entry-exit bureau and must be carried out in a government-recognized hospital. In the major cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, there are entire hospitals dedicated explicitly to carrying examinations out for foreigners. If you are in a smaller town or area away from the primary urban centers, there might not be exclusive facilities, but your employer or school will help you.

What tests are carried out?

The health test will include standard measurements of temperature, height, and weight, routine blood tests, ENT assessment. It will also screen for syphilis and HIV and other infectious diseases announced by State Council. The health checks up also include EKG, an ultrasound scan of torso and chest X-Ray. Persons to be employed in the catering industry should also undergo a stool culture test.

Do I have to follow anything prior the test?

You need to fast for 10-12 hrs before the exams. So do not have breakfast the day you are going for the tests.

If you are on medication, continue to take it and inform the doctor or staff there. You might even take them along with you.

What should I carry with me for the checkup?

It will be a good idea to have someone along with you who can speak Mandarin.   Carry the following

•    Your passport

•    Copies of your visa and the data page of your passport

•    2-3 photos passport size photos of yourself

•    The fee. Take cash along with you and preferably in small changes.

When will I get the reports?

The certificate officially takes around three working days to process.

Can I do it abroad?

Health examinations can be performed abroad. For tests performed abroad, you must go to Exit-Entry Health and Quarantine Bureau with the following:

a) A doctor’s letter stating you are healthy.

b) Original copies of all blood tests, X-rays, EKG/ECG readouts, and other required tests.

Each test result should be identified as belonging to you.

c) Completed Health Certificate Application Form (available at the Health & Quarantine)

You need to submit this yourself at the main regional branch of the Exit/Entry PSB office.

However, it is always easier and less of a hassle if you do it here in China after arriving.