Food Apps In China

Release time:2018-04-23

Even if cooking is your hobby or passion, not every day of the year you would want to cook, especially after work. There are many food apps in China and getting food delivered to home is easy at any time the only thing you ought to have the apps downloaded. But, hey…you don’t read Chinese then how are you going to order. No worries, there are apps in English, but mostly you will find apps are in Chinese. Here we are going to list down the most popular ones

1)    Sherpa’s

Sherpa's is the most well-known app in English and is currently functioning in Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou. They began by targeting the expat's community and included the high-end restaurants of the cities. The app is in English, and their customer service center also speaks English. You can order food from 10:30 am -10:30 pm but their delivery fee tends to be on the higher side.

2)    Jinshisong

This app is also in English and has been functioning only in Beijing and Shanghai as of now. They too include the high-end restaurants of the cities and offer phone ordering option as well. They can speak English but be patient as they might not be eloquent always. The delivery fee is lower than Sherpa’s

3)    Baidu Waimai

It is by the Chinese tech giant Baidu. Their platform is simple to use, even if you have little or no knowledge of Chinese. The platform leans towards local Chinese style food, but you can definitely find good deals.

4)    Dianping Waimai

The most popular app used by people in China for food delivery. You can also find the top-rated options in your surrounding area. Moreover, the delivery charges are nominal and sometimes are free if your order is large.