How To Call An Ambulance

Release time:2018-04-26

If you are ever in a life-threatening emergency, knowing how to call an ambulance can mean the difference between life and death. It is important to always have the emergency number for your area memorized and remain composed in times of emergency. Remember, only call emergency services when they're really needed.


Emergency Response:

In China the number for emergency response is 120.

Other important emergency response number to know:

Police 110    

Fire Alarm 119    

Traffic Accident 122

Hong Kong: Emergency service 999    

Macao: Emergency service 000

Give Clear Instructions

The operator will want to know what type of help you need. In this case, make it clear that there has been a medical emergency and that you need an ambulance immediately. If the injury occurred as the result of a fire or car accident, you will likely need firemen to come to the location as well.

Provide Details

The operator will ask you a number of questions so that he can inform the proper parties about the situation. When asked, be prepared to provide the operator with the following information:

• Your location, should includes city, district and street.

• The number of the phone you are calling from.

• If you are in a public place, give the operator the nearest intersection or landmark.

• Tell them your name, the injured person's name and why you need an ambulance. Relate as much medical history as you know.

• Be prepared to assist. The emergency responders may ask you to help them on the scene when they arrive.

How Much Does an Ambulance Cost?

The cost of an ambulance usually consists of two parts:

1. The pre-hospital emergency fee.

2. The ambulance fare (Includes the two-way gas fee and labor fee). The total amount depends on the distant.

For example, the pre-hospital emergency fee cost in Beijing is RMB150-200 ($25-$30).

The ambulance fare is RMB6 per kilometer.

The price may vary depending on which city you’re calling from.

In the end, ambulance is a limited-service, in order to save more life, only call emergency services when they're really needed.