How To Contact Police In China

Release time:2018-05-03

An emergency situation can happen at any time and with anyone, and one would might have to seek help from police.

In China you can contact police by either calling 110 or sending a text message to 12110.  It is always advised to give every possible detail of your situation. There are certain things you MUST provide, i.e., location and a description of the problem. If you don’t know the exact position, tell them the landmarks or buildings nearby. In case of a remote area, provide the name of the town or village.

If you happen to send a text message, send an SMS to 12110 + your city’s three-digit area code. Also send them your name, location, and the problem. If your area code has only two digits, then add a zero to the beginning (for example, the area code for Beijing is 10, so make it 010. The number would be 12110021). The area code for Shanghai is 21, for Guangzhou, it’s 20, and for Shenzen, it’s 755.

It’s always advised to call unless the circumstance is not safe to speak or you feel threatened. It is best to text in Chinese, but if you cannot do so then, text in English. The police should be able to translate your message. Keep it as short as possible but include your location and the problem. Example: “3, Guangqu Road, Building 27, Chaoyang District, Beijing; Burglars in my home.”

After your call or message do not switch off your phone instead turn it on silent mode. So that the police can contact you back if required. When you see the police van approaching or see them nearby, try to get their attention and let them know your position.

Also, it would be good to know how you can ask someone to call the police for you?

You can say:

1)    Call the police –报警  (bàojǐng jǐng chá)

2)    Call 110 – “打 110” (dá yāo yāo líng)