What would you do if you lose your passport in China?

Release time:2018-05-14

Passport is the essential document especially when you are traveling out of your home country. It provides your personal information and acts as proof our legit stay. It is reasonable to panic if you find out that you have lost it, but panicking will not h, help.

The first things you need to do is to calm yourself down and take the following steps:

1)    Report the loss/theft of your passport at the nearest police station where the loss /theft occurred. In return, you shall be issued a receipt by the police station, which is your “receipt of the report.”

2)    Visit the local PSB/Entry-Exit Administration Bureau (公安局) with the following documents to obtain a “confirmation of reporting the loss of passport

*Original and photocopy of the "Receipt of Report" from the Police Station

*Two recent photographs for foreigners in the city where you live and a receipt for the photographs

*Report form with a completed statement regarding the lost or stolen passport. Leave the name and telephone number of your contact person in the city
*Photocopy evidence of your nationality or citizenship in a foreign country (passport, ID card, etc.)

*Registration Form of Temporary Residence*Photocopy of your Foreigner's Residence Permit, if you are a Foreigner's Residence Permit holder. If you are staying at a hotel, carry a receipt of the hotel.

*Other documents considered as necessary by the public security authority.

They usually take two working days for processing upon receipt of all the required documents. Expedited service can be provided in case of an emergency.

3. Go to your country’s consulate or embassy in China-ASAP and apply for a new passport or replacement certificates, also called ETD (Emergency Travel Document). The validity of a "Confirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport" is 30 days. Hence within these 30 days, you must apply for a new passport or replacement certificate at your embassy or consulate in China and apply for a visa or residence permit to the Exit and Entry Administration Division of the Public Security Bureau with this "Confirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport."

4. Once you get your new passport or replacement certificates, visit the exit-entry bureau to apply for a Chinese visa or residence permit. Please carry all documents and photos along with you. Ask for visa application form and fill it up and queue up for your turn. It usually takes five working days for processing upon receipt of all the required documents. Please note, payments can be made in either cash or via a Chinese card only. You might have to submit your passport which would be returned to you on the day of collection.

That’s all, and now you are free to fly out of the country.