Panda Face

Sichuan Night - 08/21

Beginning from August 21, Beijing will play host to an array of events and exhibitions dedicated to reflecting upon, and celeb rating the importance of the Giant Panda to Chinese culture and nature and wildlife!

Sichuan Night is a Celebration of Sichuan's efforts at conserving The Giant Panda. Attendants include Sichuan Provincial Officials, ambassadors from various countries, along with well-known panda experts and celebrities and entrepreneurs. The launch of the 100 Giant Panda ambassadors global recruitment drive will also be announced.

China Giant Panda International Culture Week

Opening Ceremony 08-23

The Opening Ceremony marks the official birth of the inaugural China Giant Panda International Culture Week, where representatives from government, world leading wildlife organizations, along with business leaders, gather to celebrate China's achievements in Giant Panda protection. A hosting of an exchange ceremony for The China Giant Panda Promotional Agreement between the CICC and the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center will also take place at the Opening Ceremony, with the hunt for a new, reimaged panda look will commence with the launch of the China Giant Panda International Design Competition.

China Giant Panda International Culture Week - Exhibitions

China Giant Panda Research and Conservation Accomplishments  
Time: August 23-26, 2018  
The China Millennium Monument, Beijing  

- Explore important developments in Giant 

Panda conservation and research in China through photography;  
- Browse through photography documenting the giving of Birth to Panda triplets;   
- Award-winning photographs from the first "Jiuzhai Cup" Photo Competition on display;  
- Giant Panda VR immersion.  

Pandas of China • Sichuan Themed Day  
Time: August 21-26, 2018  
The China Millennium Monument. 

HongEnGuan, 4 ZhangWang Hutong. 

National Library of China, 

ZiZhu Qiao, Beijing

The Pandas of China • Sichuan Themed Day at the China Millennium Monument and a “Sichuan Night” gala at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Sanlitun business district will run concurrently, with them both showcasing Sichuan's local customs and tradition cultural artifacts and delicious Food.