Hainan: China's Tropical Paradise

Release time:2018-11-23

Javier, an international trader from Columbia, told “I never thought I would spend such a wonderful time in a place like this,” to the eager audiences in W Hotel in Shanghai. “Can you imagine playing golf in a tropical paradise? In China?”

If your answer is no, you are not alone. Like Javier and the 150 expats who were invited to the special golf-themed event, packed with stunning videos, singing and dancing performances by Hainan ethnic group. With thrilling games followed by big prizes including flight tickets and a 5-star hotel accommodation, no wonder the ballroom was filled with thundering applauses and contagious laughter in the evening of 15th November. Guests were surrounded by the tasteful “experience zone” that offered a VR golf playing field, coached by the first Chinese professional golfer, Mr. Zhang Lianwei, and a bar area serving beautiful looking and tasting cocktails mixed with Hainan local rice wine. 

The 2018 Love Hainan Event is yet another successful promotional effort by the newly formed Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, TV and Sports of Hainan Province, aiming to promote recently named “Free Trade Zone” Hainan to the rest of the world, and strengthen Hainan’s image as an international tourism island. 

The supporting policies by Hainan provincial government include extend-ing visa-free countries to 59, the most in China, expanding offshore duty-free shopping areas, and opening more international direct flights between Hainan cities and the rest of the world. 

And then, there’s golf. Hainan hosts 45 golf clubs, 58 world-class 18-hole golf courses, and the world’s largest public golf facilities. According to Golf Digest 2018, Hainan has 48 of the top 100 greatest golf courses in the World.

As the lucky expat, Javier, who has been selected as “I’m in China” Pro-ject’s Experiencer, had the chance to play at one of the best golf courses in Hainan. He trained with a professional golf trainer to polish up his skills. It has been one of the unforgettable highlights in China for the South American trader. 

During the event, Alessandro Dassi, the CEO of Thomas Cook Greater China & Far East, gave a speech demonstrating the beneficial services provided for international tourists in Hainan. By the end of the event, Xinmin Liu, the CDO of TripAdvisor Greater China, as well as the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, TV and Sports of Hainan Province, and I’M IN CHINA representatives, announced the official start of the 2019 Hainan’s Most Beautiful Golf Course Experience Global Recruitment.   


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