TV Documentary "Kung Fu Apprentice" Application

Release time:2019-01-10

Historically, the Silk Roads had spread China's advanced technology and culture to the world. Today, China has made rapid progress in science, technology, culture and business. The development of Internet technology, in particular, has given new vitality to the traditional cultural industry.

In our KUNGFU APPRENTICE TV Documentary, we are seeking for six young participants from the countries of the Belt and Road to come to China, and filming them learn how to use the Internet to market their own traditional culture and products through various challenges. There will be one ultimate winner, and the show will be on well-known international and Chinese broadcasters.


Experience Time: 1 month (can vary) 

Participant Requirements:

Country and Region: Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand

Age: 20-35 years old

Language: Fluent in English, better understand basic Chinese

Education: Bachelor degree in Management, Marketing, Theater, Business or relevant discipline

We prefer applicants who had entrepreneurial/acting experience, and are regular users of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We are looking forward to collaborating with young individuals who have strong characteristics, and strive to promote their own culture and cultural products to the world.

If this opportunity appeals to you please send an up-to-date CV to this email:

Interview process: 1st and 2nd round of interviews will be conducted online, throughout January 2019.

Filming time: End of Feb to mid March 2019

Broadcasting time: April 2019