How to get tailor-made clothes in China?

Release time:2017-12-11

A perfect suit or a dress is the key to looking charismatic, sexy and attractive. Who doesnt want to look good? We come in all size and shape and it is not always easy to get that perfect fit every time. Sometimes your size is sold out, or you want a different palette or maybe too expensive for your pocket. Whatever be it, at some point in time we do consider tailor-made clothing.

China is known for tailored clothes, but how to go about it is not always known. One can find excellent fabrics in markets and tailors as well.

Cities like Beijing and Shanghai have fabric markets, where you can not only get the fabric of your choice but as well as tailors. To get through huge piles of fabric rolls and finding the right tailor is a challenging ordeal.

Our tips:

1)      When in Rome do as the Romans do, and in China, bargaining or haggling is a common thing in the market. So, dont forget to bargain hard while finalizing the price. Start quoting from one-fifth of what the tailor quotes you.

2)      At some places like Shanghai, if you visit a mall or a shopping arcade of three or more stories the price of the same product varies from one level to another; costliest would be at the ground floor while cheapest would be at the top floor.

3)      Don't forget to dig the neglected looking piles against the walls outside they are often cheaper as some shoppers suggest.

4)      Polish your bargaining skills if you are looking things from the catalog. They are mostly the priciest fabrics.

5)      Dont trust blindly what they say about the structure of the fabric.

6)      Always ask to perform the fabric patch test from the same roll of material you are about to purchase.

7)      Dont forget to ask about the buttons or zipper they will use.

8)      Most importantly be clear with your design, if required give a picture of the design.

9)      Be firm with your size requirements. Sometimes they tend to make it as how they want it to be. But tell them about your fitting preferences. If you are making a fitted shirt then you would not want a shirt dress instead, right?

10)   Check how the tailor measures you. If the tape is loose around you or twisted or he is scribbling any numbers, its a red flag that the tailor is not right.

11)   Remember to give them in writing about what you have discussed or gave them like the sample or a magazine etc. In fact, ask them to make a note on the receipt they give you.

12)   Dont lose the receipt, or else it would be difficult to find your stuff back.

13)   It is better to call before going to collect as you would not want to waste your time in case the things are not ready.

14)   Always, always try before taking it and paying the money. Dont hesitate to point out if there is any problem or even if they say this is how it should look. After all it is your dress and you should have the final say.