What You Must Do Before Leaving China For GOOD

Release time:2017-12-11

This is not a bucket list, but an essential “to-do” list before you set sail for your next destination and bid goodbye to China for good.

Cancel your Alien Employment Permit

Once your labor contract gets terminated, your HR will cancel your employment permit/foreign expert certificate. It is crucial for you to get the cancellation certificate or at least the scanned copy issued by the relevant authority. The document acts as an official proof of your work experience in China. The cancellation certificate is also required if you have to reapply for work visa next time you are in China for work.

Cancel phone number

It is essential that you cancel your Chinese mobile number when you leave China for good. Any Chinese mobile number if not used for six months or more gets automatically regenerated as a new connection. If the phone number is registered under your passport number, you will have a deduction of your credit rating in China, and next time you register a Chinese cell phone number, you will be asked to pay the bill.

Unlink WeChat and Alipay

You have your WeChat and Alipay linked to your China number? Hence it is also necessary to unlink your WeChat and Alipay account from your China number and connect it with another number before submitting your China number. If you forget to cancel your phone number and unlink your WeChat ID, other people may have access to your WeChat. The same applies for Alipay. However, if you want to keep your Alipay and WeChat account for future, then link them with another number before submitting your Chinese number.

Cancel your bank cards.

It is always advisable to cancel your bank accounts if you are not using them because of obvious reasons.

Get a PCC/non-criminal record from the cities you have lived in China.

Many countries ask for a PCC for VISA processing and getting a PCC from China requires you to be personally present while applying. If you have left the country and you need a PCC, you have to courier your original passport to the Notary Office of the respective city or send in through a reliable person who will make the application on behalf of you. Now, you know why we are saying it is better to get this sorted before you leave. Most importantly ask the notary office to give you an English translation of the same.

Settle your Social insurance claims

In China, social insurance contributes mostly to pension benefits, health insurance, etc. and is a part of your salary. Speak to your HR to know whether you were contributing towards pension or not. If yes, then ask them how you could claim it back and take steps accordingly. Most companies do not include this in the CTC for their expat employees.

Letter of recommendation

Get any letter of recommendation or references in China before you leave especially from your workplace, bank and also your landlord if possible. Some banks outside China have very tough rules. If you need to open a bank account at home or register a company in other countries, you may need a reference from your bank in China.

Translate Chinese documents

Translate Chinese documents that you may need at home such as your educational certificates if you were a student or have undergone any professional training or reference letter or even your PCC. It is cheaper here in China and much convenient. And certain documents like the PCC should be translated by the authorized department.