How to book cheap movie tickets in China

Release time:2018-03-08

Buying movie tickets at the theatres tend to be quite expensive, but that should not stop you from going to the movies to catch that blockbuster. Here is a quick guide to how you can to book cheap movie tickets through Alipay or WeChat.

How to do with WeChat

Go to WeChat - Me -Wallet - Movie Tickets and Tap

Click on the movie you want to watch, it will you take you to the page showing the theatres near you.

Click on the theatre to check whether it is running in English英语 or in Mandarin国话. You can also add your coke and popcorn from this page. Then select the time and click.

Choose your seat and click the orange tab to pay
Red = Already booked; White = Vacant; Green = Your selection.

Once your booking is complete you will receive a notification on your chat window. Click on the below icon to get your transaction code so that once you reach the theatre you can collect your ticket from the kiosk.

 How to do with Alipay
Go to Alipay and click “Movies”

Now it’s turn to select your movie

You will be shown a list of theatres and you need to select your preference

Check whether it is showing in Mandarin, English or Original
Click on your preferred show time

Choose your seat and pay by clicking the blue tab when it appears.

Alipay will send a transaction number or a QR code. 

You need to go to Alipay account and click down below on “Me”. The next window will have your current “Transaction”, click to get the information and now you should reach cinema on time.