Staying in Airbnb

Release time:2018-03-08

Airbnb provides homely stay and offers an opportunity to live like the locals which helped the brand to gain popularity quite quickly around the globe. But when your destination is China there are few things you need to know. According to Chinese law, any visitor who needs to be in the country beyond 24 hrs since entering has to register his/her place of residence at the local police station. The registration is valid until your next move, which includes a change of address or visa renewal.

Q) I am a tourist and would be staying in a hotel what should I do?

Ans) You need not worry as the hotels do take care of these once you check in and register your details with them. You just have to provide your passport.

Q) What happens if I stay at an Airbnb?

Ans) Staying in Airbnb accommodation in China requires some extra effort. With the new rules in existence, the guest has to register themselves at the nearest police station within 24 hours after entering the country. Many have reported that failing this has caused issues while flying out of China.

Q) How should you do the registration?

Ans) You need to ask your host beforehand about how they plan to complete the formality. If they say that you need not register at the PSB/Police Station, then be aware they are not telling the truth. There are often two ways locals do this.

 1)    The host would ask you to tell the police that he/she is your friend. In this case, following things need to be supplied to register yourself

        A) Guests passport with valid visa along with one photocopy

        B) Copy of hosts ID as proof

        C) Proof of address of the residence and that it belongs to the host and its copy

 2) The host makes a short-term contract with you and following are the things you need to show at the PSB/Police station.

        A) Guests Passport with valid visa (a copy of the same)

        B) Copy of Hosts ID proof

        C) The contract


Q) What should I do once I reach the nearest police station with the documents?

Ans) If you can speak Chinese, then you just go and tell that you need to register yourself for your stay and they would show you the way. If you do not speak Chinese then either ask your host to accompany you or ask your host to write down on a paper in Chinese, the reason for you to visit the police station. But if you have a translator app on your phone then its much easier.

Q) How long does it take to get registered?

Ans) It does not take very long but varies from one police station to another and city to city. In general 10 to 30 minutes

Q) How would I know that I have been registered?

Ans) You would be handed a piece of paper which is known as a temporary residence form which you should keep it safe.