Join The Ultimate Internship

Work and Travel in China

We have joined hands with LinkedIn and have come with unique opportunities. It is a complete package which will bring you to China to work plus give you the chance to live like the locals.

Panda Keeper, Crabber, Opera Artist

The list is long. What would you be? This will be a story that you will be proud to tell and will grab the attention of your future employers. And if you want to be an entrepreneur, the skills you are going to learn will help you achieve your dream.

Amazing Job

Take part in the world's most amazing internship! In partnership with LinkedIn, we’re looking for applicants from all around the world to take part in experiencing what a real day in China is like.

See what your industry peers from across the world is doing or get your hands dirty and discover your new passion.

Get a chance of a lifetime to travel to China for FREE and be fully immersed in an unique job that only exists in China for a day while our film crew captures your every adventure. Make new friends and business connections, travel and explore China, and get yourself some international media exposure.