• My China: Greg Jones

    In the first of a new series from I’m In China: My China, we publish the stories of people who have lived their life in strong connection with China – it’s people, culture, places – beginning wi...

    01Nov 2017 Keep reading
  • My China – Dominic Johnson-Hill

    Dominic Johnson-Hill – known better to his Chinese fans as 老江, or Old River – is, if you tune in and watch telly in China, one of the few ubiquitous figures to cut a genuinely compelling form on t...

    22Nov 2017 Keep reading
  • My China: Kateryna Bugayevska

    When I think about my connection to China, it really seems like it was predetermined by fate, or as the Chinese call it, yuanfen.  My father was an exceptionally gifted man. He was...

    30Dec 2017 Keep reading
  • [My China] Jade Gray of Gung-Ho! Pizza

    Kiwi Entrepreneur Jade Gray has been in China for over twenty years. He’s built and sold a number of companies from sleeping on kangs in remote northern China to building a thriving and environmen...

    05Dec 2017 Keep reading
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